Friday, November 24, 2006

Sock Wars

I have lost the war in the sudden death round. YM put her addy up on our spreadsheet and whomever got a letter to her first would win. Someone sent her flowers - genius! Here is a pic of the flowers of my doom.

I also just received the SIPs from my last victim. I'll finish off the second sock for my current vic and be done. Done, I tell you!

Friday, November 17, 2006

WIP UPDATE! (finally)

Mom- Don't tell Dad, but this is his enormous moebius scarf. It is a big huge loop that goes down to my feet. LOL Sorry for the blurry - operator malfunction on the camera.

This next one is one of the many hats I'm making. My goal is to have something handknit for everyone on my staff (that's 16 items for those of you keeping track) by Christmas. We'll see! Let's count this as one. I think I'll do a mix of hats and washclothes and felted bowls. :-)

This is number two of the great staff knitting extravaganza! It's great bulky yarn. I couldn't get a good picture (obviously), but it has shiny bits, too. I couldn't resist the tassle.

And this is hat #3 - I used some of the Noro Silk Garden for the brim, and lovely heather purple wool for the rest. I likes it.

And this, obviously, is a cat, not a hat. :-) Hello Rosie!