Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Keep Our Library Strong!

Think for a moment about what your community would be like without a public library. Do you use your public library? What do you use it for? Don't use it? Why not? Are you glad it is there for others, even if you don't use it? Remember when I wrote about how proud I am to work for the Library of the Year? Want to read research about how libraries produce incredible return on the investments our communities put into them, including economic development?

Well, we have an issue on the ballot Nov. 2. If you live in the area, you will have the opportunity to tell us (and everyone else who is paying attention) if you believe that public libraries are important to you. Think about these things: books that everyone has access to but no one person needs to buy, storytimes for children, Summer Reading Club that motivates children to keep their skills up during the summer, Homework Help Centers after school, Job Help Centers in every location where people will help you create a resume, get your first email account, learn to look for and apply for jobs online, access to the internet and free wifi, movies and audios that you can borrow for free, friendly, helpful staff (who have all had to take cuts in pay and hours and have still added services this past year) . . .

If this levy doesn't pass, Columbus Metropolitan Library will lose roughly half of it's operating funds. We've already made all the "easy" cuts we can make.

If you'd like to support the best library in the nation, you'll vote YES on Issue 4.

Keep Our Library Strong