Thursday, July 01, 2010

On Being Great

Well, my library system has been chosen as the 2010 Library of the Year! It's a huge honor, and I'm so thrilled to be able to say that I've helped bring us to this point . . . me and hundreds of other dedicated staff and volunteers over the years. We do have an excellent library system, and we have been blessed with great leadership, both now and in the past. CML has long been on the cutting edge of great customer service, excellent services to children, babies, teens and most recently job hunters. Sunday a group of managers went to Washington, DC (paid for by our Friends of the Library) for the award ceremony and the celebration. We came back home on Monday (and we're all exhausted!). It was a good trip, though, and it was most generous of the Friends to charter that bus for us! What really ended up bringing me to tears, though, was after we got back when our marketing guru, Alison, wrote about me in her LJ blog. Wow. I'm humbled, but, of course, I still had to share it with you all. (blush) I think she is dramatizing my situation a little, but I sure do appreciate her props. Makes me feel all warm and gushy inside (in a good way).

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knittingbrow said...

Columbus has a great library system. I think it's true that the best resource that Columbus has is the staff at the library. I hope people who use the library tell others how helpful the library has been for them.

Nice props. Just say "thank you," Cat. :)