Friday, February 23, 2007

Boy Scouts and Pics

Monday, Feb 19 found us off work and out of school for Presidents' Day, but we all got to go to Boy Scouts! It was fun to see what the boys and folks do at a meeting, AND I got to do a lot of knitting there. It was fun!

Tuesday, Feb 20 shows Samwise feeling all better and overseeing the doings of the kitchen sink again from his favorite perch. Sweet boy kitty!

Wednesday I wore my newly-finished Mohair neck scarf. I had it tied for a while, but it was too warm around my neck, so I used this little pin to clasp it. :-)

Thursday, Feb.22 I finished up the legwarmers. I did them on magic loop, I think a size 9 needle. They were fun, easy, and they look good!

Today is Friday, Feb 23. I went to Knitwits at the Merc, and then to lunch with some of the ladies. Very nice time! Before that I met up with my pal Carol at Panera. Last time we met at Bear Rock, but they're not opening til 10 now, so they suck. The group went to Villa Nova for lunch - very good Italian food at normal-people prices. Was just like back home in Youngstown, it was so good! Don't they all look like nice ladies?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

quiet day

Several pictures for today! (See, I TOLD you I'd catch up from that lag time.)

Today was a quiet day after we ran some errands. After stopping at a few other stores, I popped into the LYS while DH did the grocery shopping. I'd forgotten they were having a huge trunk show from Cider Moon and I indulged in a few skeins of their lovely yarns. Yum!

After we were home for a while, watching TV, reading (DH) and knitting (moi), we lit a fire in the fireplace - isn't that lovely?

And finally - I've been wanting to knit up some of these fingerless gloves since I saw the pattern on . I cast these on in Classic Elite's Lush yarn this morning, and lo and behold they're blocking now! This pictures doesn't do them justice, but the knitty site does. There is lovely cable detailing on the cuffs and by the knuckles. I love them!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Boy Scout Camp!

Feb. 16, 2007 - several pics

Simon left this evening for a few nights in a cabin (no running water!) with the Boy Scouts. Hope he doesn't freeze his patootie off!

This is some of the snow - you can see that there was so much the driveway couldn't even been completely cleared. Ugh! About half of that pile is ice, too. You can't see it well, but the side of the house is coated in about an inch of ice, as well.

After being traumatized first by her brother, Sam's illness and disappearance, and then even MORE traumatized by his return home, Rosie is finally back downstairs - here she is nearly falling off the window sill by the kitchen sink. She was so enthralled by the dripping faucet that her drooping backside didn't bug her.

Well, on the third try the neck of the sweater finally fits over DH's head and it's ready to finish. I have about a dozen ends to weave in, and a few holes where I added the new balls of yarn, and then some blocking, and it's donesky! And he even likes it!

Picture This

Feb. 15, 2007
Yea, yea, I know - I need to tink back and fix that neck hole. Sigh. The colors look good, though, right? Right???

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sweater Obsession!

2-14-07 My second snow day in a row (unprecedented!) found me inside ALL DAY! it was great! I did knit a bit on other things, and I made breakfast, lunch, dinner for myself and Simon (and b and d for DH), along with cookies - yum! But mostly I just worked like a woman obsessed on this sweater for DH. As you can see, I've started the decreases at the top and I've been adding in the color. Still a lot to go to finish the neck, but I am thinking it's looking pretty good. Also, it'll probably be done before Monday - that's my goal, anyway. :-) I imagine I'll be back at work tomorrow, but it should be a great office day since I was originally scheduled to be doing a puppetry workshop in Zanesville and was going to be gone all day. Given that they still had a Level 3 Snow Emergency all day today, and that things are generally a mess, the workshop is cancelled. (yahoo!)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Picture the Snow!

Sunday, Feb 11 I went out to Ugly Tuna for what we thought would be all-you-can-eat crab legs. No luck. Turns out they stopped that special, but we did get a pound of legs for only $7.50, and that seemed like plenty to me. Was yummy, especially with the sweet potato fries - yum!

I am with, L to R, Sanne, Misty, Deb, Teresa and Theresa (she's shy).

Deb, on the other hand, is not at all shy.

Sanne is from Denmark and is really delightful. She is Misty's Au Pere.

They all seemed mildly interested in the picaday thing, so they had fun doing the pics with me.

Monday, Feb 12 I worked on attaching the sleeves to the body of Mike's sweater. I had to take two tries because of a math error, but all is well now and I'm ready to start shaping the top.

Today, Tuesday, Feb. 13 is a Snow Day! Not just for the schools, but even the library is closed! Yay us! Si and I did venture out to do some shopping (new shoes and pants for snow stuff and his upcoming Boy Scout weekend in the woods, hobby stuff, Invention Convention stuff, etc) This is Simon, out to shovel the walkway. I should have made him shovel the driveway, too, especially since a nice man with a snowblower came by and did the sidwalk for him. If tomorrow is a snow day again (a definite possibility) I will make him do the driveway.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Pictures!

I don't have enough pictures to cover all the days I've missed, but there is a goodly batch, and I'll try to get back to the one-a-day thing today. Promise!

Well, Samwise has been our worry the last few days. Monday he was perfectly fine - exhibit A shows him sleeping on Mike's lap, thoroughly happy. Tuesday he started acting weird and Wed morning we were sure he was sick. It took him in and he had to spend 3 days in the hospital! He had a urinary tract blockage, poor baby boy!
You can see his front leg, where the IV was in. He seems better now, but he's still recovering. We're all very glad he's home.

On to WIPs:
Mike's sweater is coming along well. This is the body. Now I'll knit up the sleeves and then I'll join them at the armpits and knit the rest! It's really cool, with lots of math to do along the way. There's a group of us all making sweaters with EPS (Elizabeth's Percentage System), explained pretty well here.

I cast on this hat at knit group Friday morning, and finished up by the TV in the evening. It's made of Lush Yarn, and it knit up in a jiffy. It's for a friend of mine who is going through Chemo - I just saw her at a meeting Thursday and didn't even know she was sick until then. This is very very soft, and I hope she likes it.

I also just cast this baby on. I would like a fancy neck scarf like the one I made my mom. This is all mohair, though, and it's already bugging me a bit, but it should make a pretty little scarf, and it's still outrageously colored, so it's my style.