Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Picture the Snow!

Sunday, Feb 11 I went out to Ugly Tuna for what we thought would be all-you-can-eat crab legs. No luck. Turns out they stopped that special, but we did get a pound of legs for only $7.50, and that seemed like plenty to me. Was yummy, especially with the sweet potato fries - yum!

I am with, L to R, Sanne, Misty, Deb, Teresa and Theresa (she's shy).

Deb, on the other hand, is not at all shy.

Sanne is from Denmark and is really delightful. She is Misty's Au Pere.

They all seemed mildly interested in the picaday thing, so they had fun doing the pics with me.

Monday, Feb 12 I worked on attaching the sleeves to the body of Mike's sweater. I had to take two tries because of a math error, but all is well now and I'm ready to start shaping the top.

Today, Tuesday, Feb. 13 is a Snow Day! Not just for the schools, but even the library is closed! Yay us! Si and I did venture out to do some shopping (new shoes and pants for snow stuff and his upcoming Boy Scout weekend in the woods, hobby stuff, Invention Convention stuff, etc) This is Simon, out to shovel the walkway. I should have made him shovel the driveway, too, especially since a nice man with a snowblower came by and did the sidwalk for him. If tomorrow is a snow day again (a definite possibility) I will make him do the driveway.

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