Tuesday, February 15, 2011

flashing hearts

I've never been reliable at doing holidays the same each year. Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that's always a crap shoot for me. Coming so soon after Christmas, and in the midst, often, of bad winter weather, it often gets overlooked while I'm busy avoiding the world.

Yesterday, though, was my first day back at work after a brief medical leave, and I found a fun gift that my mom had given me years ago for V-day (she is VERY good at commemorating holidays - all of them!) It's a silly pen (long since lost it's ink) with a big red "crystal-like" heart on top that flashes when you "click" the pen. I keep it because it still flashes! and because it's from my mom (thanks, Mom!) and because it's supremely silly, and because it sorta kinda makes me feel like the Valentine Good Fairy with a flashing wand.

Go ahead, poke fun . . . but this pen is worth it!