Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NYC part deux

I wanted to be sure to show the view from one of the coffee shops I found. Was delightful, and just warm enough to eat outside.

I also found the Jefferson Market Library, and it was delightful. It's an historic landmark building, once used at the courthouse. Lots of great stained glass and that cool turret! The Children's Librarian even printed out the history of the building for me.

Here you see the pink pig potholder I made for my uncle.

A pic of my uncle. I was struck with howmuch he looks like my grandmother as I remember her. I didn't tell him that, though, as he is very sensitive about his age.
And then, finally, another WIP - the hat I made while there. 2 strands of Noro Silk Garden together. It's a really beautiful hat, full of rich colors!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I love NY, pt 1

These are not in order, but just some random memories. First, me and my sock in Bryant Park, just behind the Main NYPL at 42nd st. It was a very windy, day, but in the sun it was delightful. I loved the smell of the crepe stand that was nearby, too . . . until some smokers came into the vicinity. Sigh.

This is the knitting store that I think was the inspiration for one of the shops in _Chicks with Sticks_. It was a fun store, if much higher-priced than my own LYS, and it was right above the Jamba Juice shop (yum!).

The white building in the middle there is my Uncle's apartment building. He is on the second floor. You can see the hardware store to the left of the frame, and the greenish awnings on the right are a massage place (I didn't indulge because I can get them at half the price here) and a design place of some kind. Across the street is the home/studio of Donna Karan, and my uncle told me lots of dish-y stories about living across from that, including how she introduced her Fall line there this year and he could see into the dressing rooms from his windows.
I spent Saturday afternoon with my friend, BigGoose. We met in front of the library, rode the subway to Central Park, walked there, went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art(the Vollard Exhibit was amazing, as was the rest!), and then had dinner at a Kosher place around the corner before catching buses in opposite directions. I liked the Alice sculpture in CP, too - and it was a lovely day for walking . .. but after all that walking on marble and pavement, I was pooped! I'll post another installment, including a pic of Uncle Dick, soon.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Meeting Carol Spinney!

I wrote about meeting Carol Spinney on my other blog but I finally got the pictures from when we met. This is the two of us singing "I Love Trash". What a thrill! You can see I'm holding my flannel board, and carring a bag of books over my shoulder because I've just finished doing some storytelling for COSI, which is where we were standing.

Monday, October 02, 2006

WIP News

I have cast on another pair of socks using the Sock War's pattern "International Sock of Doom". I like it a lot, and if I need to send another pair on to another victim, this will keep my skills up. [wink]

Here you can see the progress on the shell I'm making for myself. It has taken a back seat to other projects lately, but I sorta want to finish it before my trip to NYC in late October. I'm starting to think that is too lofty a goal.

I found this really cute baby bootie pattern that I've wanted to try, and I finally did. The pen is in the picture so you can see the size better. Took me about 3 hours to make the pair (I made one bootie each of two consecutive nights). I used 3 strands of some sock-weight cotton KB gave me. I like them, but I don't really like the pattern much, I mean they look nice but I didn't enjoy doing the pattern. I'll try a different pattern next time.

And then I bought some great new yarn for my dad's Christmas present. I cast on for a long moebius scarf. Don't let out my secrets, Mom!
And finally, my two lovely cats. Rosie, on the left, and Samwise. a.k.a. Spazmo and Luxury Cat. They rarely share a chair like this anymore so I had to capture it in pixels.