Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NYC part deux

I wanted to be sure to show the view from one of the coffee shops I found. Was delightful, and just warm enough to eat outside.

I also found the Jefferson Market Library, and it was delightful. It's an historic landmark building, once used at the courthouse. Lots of great stained glass and that cool turret! The Children's Librarian even printed out the history of the building for me.

Here you see the pink pig potholder I made for my uncle.

A pic of my uncle. I was struck with howmuch he looks like my grandmother as I remember her. I didn't tell him that, though, as he is very sensitive about his age.
And then, finally, another WIP - the hat I made while there. 2 strands of Noro Silk Garden together. It's a really beautiful hat, full of rich colors!


Sock Princess said...

Love the hat. Thanks for taking us along on your trip via the pictures. So glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

hey cat..... that's a beautiful hat. What a nice job you did on that!