Monday, October 02, 2006

WIP News

I have cast on another pair of socks using the Sock War's pattern "International Sock of Doom". I like it a lot, and if I need to send another pair on to another victim, this will keep my skills up. [wink]

Here you can see the progress on the shell I'm making for myself. It has taken a back seat to other projects lately, but I sorta want to finish it before my trip to NYC in late October. I'm starting to think that is too lofty a goal.

I found this really cute baby bootie pattern that I've wanted to try, and I finally did. The pen is in the picture so you can see the size better. Took me about 3 hours to make the pair (I made one bootie each of two consecutive nights). I used 3 strands of some sock-weight cotton KB gave me. I like them, but I don't really like the pattern much, I mean they look nice but I didn't enjoy doing the pattern. I'll try a different pattern next time.

And then I bought some great new yarn for my dad's Christmas present. I cast on for a long moebius scarf. Don't let out my secrets, Mom!
And finally, my two lovely cats. Rosie, on the left, and Samwise. a.k.a. Spazmo and Luxury Cat. They rarely share a chair like this anymore so I had to capture it in pixels.

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auntgerry said...

Cat take a look at my blog to see what I got today. These are NOT from my assasin, but a kind hearted person in California. I am still in the war but who knows when I will be killed off. My target never acknowledged that she received her size 10 and she has not knitted for her target, so we just passed her by and now I am knitting for Heather in Maryland. She has a tiny foot so I will be sending them tomorrow. AAAhhhhhhhhh. (Battle Cry!!!!!)
Knit on.