Saturday, December 18, 2010

She Who Hesitates . . .

We had our traditional Gingerbread House Decorating this past week at our friend, Vicky's house. Vicky and her 2 sons, A and J, my sister, Linda, and Si and I. 3 houses, lots of sugar and candy, great fun!

We've been decorating our houses together for many years, and we all look forward to it! Vicky and I have each tried our hand at making the houses from scratch, but have found that the kits are so cheap and work so well, it's just not worth an entire day of time fussing with dough and baking (at least for us, most of the time).

Simon created a village of huts with crackers, we have some villagers, and a very fancy church with a mosaic (my work).

Last night we had a CATastrophe. Our little furry siblings have visited the village. Here is Samwise, guarding the scene of the crime and trying to look innocent. Catzilla does not look innocent to me!

I only wish I'd taken some pics before the apoCATlypse.