Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back to Blogging

Well, if anyone is still out there, reading my blog, I'm here to say I'm back to writing. I'm sorry it's been so long. There has been a lot going on, and as I mentioned in my last post, I have had a lot of Dr visits and other things taking up my time. Yes, I've done lots and lots of knitting, too! I managed to make a hat for each of my employees at the branch, and I made some socks for my FIL, a cool little knitted ornament for each of Si's teachers and I've started a lovely sweater vest for my mom. Oh, and I've also done several more decorative scarves. I'll share pictures soon.

Things that have kept me from posting on the blog:
  • feeling like my life isn't interesting enough (my bro very kindly said, at Thanksgiving "Yea, but it's YOUR boring crap, so we want to read it.")
  • not having my pictures uploaded from my camera yet
  • having forgotten to take pictures to begin with
  • feeling like everything I had to say was just depressing and whiney
Stuff I was doing instead:
  • working
  • knitting
  • sleeping
  • Dr visits
  • Physical therapy for my leg
  • zoning out in front of Facebook/TV
Why I'm back:
  • my brother and SIL and Mom all convinced me that they really are interested in reading it, even if it's boring
  • It's New Year's Eve and I feel like I should mark the day
  • lots of changes have happened this year that I want to commemorate
  • there's nothing else to do at the moment and keeping my hands busy typing helps me not eat more Christmas Cookies
Bad things that happened this year:
  • slipped on the ice, tore up my knee/ligaments and badly broke my leg
  • had a bit of an emotional breakdown because of the leg thing (or maybe that was just the pain meds playing with my brain)
  • had a spontaneous CSF leak and had to go through horrible procedures to get it fixed
  • had both cars broken into while they were in our driveway at home, resulting in the loss of the car radio from the Neon
  • Spent medium bucks to put new tires and other repairs into the Cruiser, only to realize later that it needs to just be given away now
Good things that happened this year:
  • My brother and Suzie got married!
  • Si got as tall as Mike
  • Si hiked the Appalachian Trail for over 50 miles
  • Si took off all those blasted wrist bands!!!!!!!!!!
  • Si got his braces off!
  • We bought a new (to us) van (just yesterday - yikes!)
  • I learned to walk again
  • I knit a gazillion things
  • I took a great class with my dear sister in Christ, Val
  • I read books
  • I transferred to a new branch
  • I've been reminded, over and over again, how much God loves me, usually through the kind servanthood of my church-mates' blessings, and the sweetness of several of my knitting pals
So here's the thing . . . there have been more good things than bad. It's true, and I need to remember that. Life is hard, right? That isn't going to change. But I can choose to deal with things differently, and I'm working on that. I've always been an optimist, but once in a while things just overwhelm me and I forget how to optimize . . . you know what I mean? I think I'm back, and I'm going to work on writing again. Promise! We're at my parents' house right now, but when we get home tomorrow I'll work on loading up some pics and making the blog more interesting to behold.

In the meantime, thanks for reading . .. and I'll see you next year!