Monday, March 13, 2006

Baby Sweater done!

The baby sweater is now done! Yay! Isn't it cute? I used colored paper to show where the buttons will go, and to highlight the pocket. :D I'm waiting to hear the gender of the baby (they were supposed to find out last week) before adding buttons. I have a full skein of yarn left, and might make booties or socks to match. I might also use the yarn to make one of those "potato chip" scarves (even though I don't like the idea of making scarves all the time I keep stumbling upon cool patterns for them). Time will tell.

This is the booga bag I cast on Saturday evening. It is going well! Big problem, though, is that I think I might be allergic to the wool. My eyes are watering and I'm getting stuffy in the head when I knit with it for too long. Good excuse to cast on another project for breaks! I'm thinking more socks!


The Spinning Geek said...

WTG on the baby sweater. It's very cute. I'm in the process of knitting myself another pair of socks and a shawl I found online. Hey, I was also wondering if sometime, you could tell me how to add links and stuff on my blog. I have no idea how to do it. Its all greek to me. The booga bag looks great too! Hopefully, it's not the yarn, but like you said... WHAT A GREAT REASON TO START SOMETHING ELSE!


Cat said...

Sure, Gwen. Sometime when you're online I can coach you through adding links.