Sunday, March 25, 2007


March 21 (yes, we have dates again!)
Spring has sprung! There are even more beautiful little crocusii in my garden today than earlier this week when I took this pic! yay! We also have paperwhites blooming. Ahh - spring!

March 22
The cats love to join me when I'm knitting. My lap is warm, I don't shift or move much, and there is that lovely, tantalizing, moving yarn to nibble at when they can stay awake! Sam, however, usually can't stay awake.
Also in this pic are my falling-apart jeans. Mom - you'd be happy. When I first wore these jeans to the Knitwits group, they all made fun of me! I know, I know, you don't want to hear that I wear them in public, but SOMEtimes on my day off I need to REBEL! And let's face it, if my version of being REALLY rebellious is to wear falling-apart jeans - well - how bad can I be?

March 23
I've dug out my shell again, with the goal of completing it in time for Easter. I've started the fancy cabled yoke part, and it's complicated, so I can only do it when I'm sharp and not overly distracted by life or TV or whatever. This is NOT something I could take to Friday morning Knitwits! Or to book group! But it should certainly be something I"ll WEAR to those kinds of places (to show it off!)

March 24
I still need to weave in the ends and felt this - but don't you think this will be a fun Easter basket? Small, but fun - and it was a stash-buster!

March 25
Every homemade sweater deserves a matching hat, don't you think? Especially when there is enough leftover yarn. This is for Mikey - knit to his specifications (longer in the head, not too tight in the ribbing . .. blah blah blah). :-) Next, I think I'll make him matching booties.

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