Monday, June 25, 2007

Q and A

On the needles at the moment:
Plastic Bag Knitting: cutting up grocery sacks and knitting them on enormo needles - pics to come soon.
The Tank that never ended: still no progress because I have to chart more of the pattern before I can continue and it seems daunting
Another Preemie Hat: just to keep myself engaged
Socks: duh

Questions for knittingbrow :

Sock Clubs

Are you a member of a sock club?

Nope . . . but I would be if I felt I had the bucks.
Which one(s)?
See Above
What do you like about your sock clubs?
I think it would be great to get new yarn and a new pattern each month.
Do you like to have a choice about yarns and patterns?
Do you always knit the socks with the pattern you get? Why?
What do you wish there was available in a sock club?
Yes, I think the month-by-month fee is a good idea, or the ability to pay for 2 months or 4 months or whatever so someone could get you a gift of just about any size. Frankly, I'm not going to pay more for the club than the sock/pattern would already cost, so I'd be looking for some kind of deal.
What would you change?
The price!
What is it all about for you?
I also really like KALs . . . do they all have blogs or community type stuff included?


The Spinning Geek said...

I hear ya! I cannot afford a sock club either. It is a dream. One day, I tell ya.

Cat said...

I've always wanted to get one of those "flower of the month" things, too. Sigh.