Saturday, July 21, 2007


I finished my shawl! I had started making a neck scarf with this beautiful Lorna's Laces, sport weight yarn a while ago. I so thoroughly enjoyed knitting with it and I love the colors so much (called "Child's Play") that I asked the LYS to order me more so I could make this into a shawl. They did . . . I did . . . yay!

Upon consulting with the KnitWits yesterday morning (and with great deliberation for the last few days) I decided to bind off with a picot edge, and then decided to pick up stitches on the other 2 sides and picot those. Ah! I'm so glad I did - it looks fantastic!


Slang said...

It DOES look fantastic...and it matches your glasses!

sock princess said...

It's beautiful. The picot edging was the right decision. Proud of you.

Cat said...

Thanks, Your Highness, most Sockliness!

Slang - thanks for noticing! They're new glasses. I might be coloring my hair to match soon, too, because I promised the kids at the library that if enough of them read this summer I would color my hair. LOL They're actually reading!

Gwen said...

wtg. that is beautiful! you must take a picture of the hair once it's colored. what a great way to inspire kids to read. maybe i should do that with my son!