Monday, October 08, 2007

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Wait . . . you mean it's already ended and I missed it? Sorry to have delayed so long in posting! All 3 of you who read the blog have been wondering, I'm sure! LOL

First the knitting . . .
I have fallen in love with the Baby Surprise Jacket. I've now done 3 This one is in cotton/linen, and it was fun to knit because of the colors. It was a pain to finish because of all the weaving in of the ends of those lovely colors, but it's done except for the buttons, so we're near the end.

This one is, obviously, the same pattern. It is Crystal Palace Painted or something like that - wool, with some Cascade 220 for the stripe and edging. I like the simplicity of the pattern so much. I modify the length by doing only 5 ridges in the middle before picking up stitches again. (I realize it makes no sense to those who've not knit this sweater - sorry).

This is the knitted hedgehog, and will actually really be cute once it is felted and stuffed. It's not so bad now, I guess, but it'll be better - trust me!

This most recent weekend was like a retreat for me, although it was really just my college homecoming at Grove City College. One of my dear sorority sisters flew into Columbus from St. Louis, and we drove together, picking up another friend near my parents' house on the way. Although it was stinking hot, it was a lovely day, and I spent so much time smiling and laughing that my cheeks are sore! This is a group of us at the football stadium (I hear there was a game going on, but we didn't really watch - lol). Sally and I in the front row, Linda, Stephanie, Nancy, Kim and Karen in the back row. It was great to see old friends and re-connect. I'll post a few more pics tomorrow.

Nancy raises Alpacas (and lots of kids) and brought along some fiber and yarn. Mom and I practically spread it out on the Living Room floor and rolled in it - it is so lovely! Mom purchased enough for me to knit her a sweater vest! Yay! I get to use it, Mom gets to wear it - totally a win-win! I've still got a moratorium on buying yarn - trying to knit up my stash - at least until Thanksgiving. Gack! I tell you, if you could feel this lovely alpaca yarn (and see the adorable pictures of the animals from whence it came) you'd nearly have caved in, too! I'm so thankful that Mom bought some!

So that is what's happening in my neck of the woods. Oh, we did manage to have a Birthday party for Simon, a big music party, work a lot, get back to school, etc. I'll try to keep up better, though, I promise!


sock princess said...

Hey lady, I read the blog and I've missed you. If you can resist buying that Alpaca you can resist anything. You're a better woman than I am. I'd still be carting that lovely stuff to my car. I'm proud of you. You've lasted longer on the not buying yarn thing than I did.

knitsb said...

I was torn on buying some of that. I am afraid to knit with alpaca just yet.... I'll get the nerve up some day!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back to blogging. I was getting worried. No blogging and no visits to the Merc. Yipes!