Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Henna and embarrassment

I got the coolest henna tattoo on Saturday at the kick-off party for Summer Reading Club at one of my branches! It looked even cooler before I did Wheels on the Bus while it was still wet and smeared it. LOL Now I'm BRANDED!
Why am I embarrassed? Is it because I have an armload of henna that will take 2 weeks to wash away? NEVER! It's because the young people in Columbus were obnoxious to visiting knitters at TNNA and one of my fave bloggers wrote about it:

Columbus is plagued by roving bands of young men driving up and down the main drag by the convention center yelling rude things at innocent conventioneers in the crosswalks like "Hey bitch, could ya walk a little slower?" Columbus needs to invest in some midnight basketball leagues and a few good traffic lights.

Anyway - Knitter's Connection starts tomorrow, and I have 2 classes! Yay! Last year I spent a load of money on yarn, and I still have some left. This year, I'm spending money on classes (knitting backwards and double knitting) and avoiding the market. Why avoiding the market? 3 reasons:
1. I still have a huge stash that will take me years to knit up.
2. My husband's job is . . .umm . . . well . . . ambiguous at this point, so spending money that isn't already spent seems indulgent, especially considering point #1.
3. I've decided that time spent with my parents and kid sounds more appealing than spending money I don't have on yarn I don't need (see 1 & 2).

Stop me before I become a grown-up!


The Spinning Geek said...

I'll stop ya. I'm growing up too and it sucks! LOL. Daggon gas prices and grocery prices make a person HAVE to be RESPONSIBLE! BLECK! I'll get your back. Have fun with your classes. I hope I'll be able to do some classes sometime, but I don't have as many events at you do in Columbus. OH, OH, one of these days, I'll have to go there and take some classes. Sorry about the youth of columbus, maybe growing up is not such a bad thing, huh?

helene said...

Totally love the tattoo :)

Geiar said...

The henna tattoo is great! It's so frustrating about those kids though. I'll be at knitter's connection on Thursday for an all day class also, but I'm going to check out the market. I'm giving myself a bit of license since I've never been before, but I'm not sure that I'll spend too much. I've just been in that more wanting to browse than buy mood lately. I'll really have to fall in love, I think, to carry something away :)