Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stuff I've been thinking about:

  • Wondering what would it be like if I were in a different profession.
  • Remembering when I had really long hair.
  • Wondering how I can best help my kid succeed and be happy in life, and, now that I write that out, wondering which is really most important to me, deep down. I hope that I want contentment, not actual happiness, and that success is measured in making a difference as well as financial self-sufficiency.
  • Wondering what really can help people break the cycle of poverty, and why more people don't think about that. I have actually heard people I love and respect say "the poor will always be with us", but does that somehow validate doing nothing to help?
  • Wondering if my body is up to the task of working full-time and keeping an active lifestyle. Heh, as if anyone would call my current life "active." LOL
  • Thinking about how I'm going to be tested, probably in the next year, to see if my belief that "home" is about people and not about place as my parents are planning to move out of the house I grew up in. I can't even imagine them in any other dwelling since we moved there when I was an infant.
  • We are "of an age" when our friends are dealing with serious, life-threatening medical conditions people are losing parents, aunts, uncles to death. There seems to be so much death around us lately, including colleagues and former co-workers.
What kinds of things have been on YOUR minds lately?


Bob Hale said...
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Bob Hale said...

I'm a bloke. It's very tempting to answer your question with

beer, beer, beer, sex, beer, beer, TV, beer

but truthfully what's mostly on my mind is moving to teach in China.

And I see your 26 books read so far this year doesn't include any of mine. Shame on you. :)

Cheryl said...

wow, Cathy, these are some deep thoughts and reflections. email me. I'm curious of when you can retire!

LynneF said...

Hmmm... I've been contemplating how every year there seem to be more major natural disasters in all corners of the Earth; how much I look forward to having both my kids at the same school for the next few years, and how I hope I can fully embrace and enjoy those years before they are gone in a veritable puff of smoke; how strange it will be that both of our "best friend neighbors" and their families will have moved from our street to another state this summer and how strange it will be not to have them over for cookouts; how amazing it seems that if I were still at CML I would have celebrated 20 years recently - as I said... puff of smoke!!

Bob Hale said...

And now you have got one of my books on your list. Did you enjoy it?

Cat said...

I did enjoy your poems, Bob! Now I need to search for the info on how to order your other book. I saw them both at Ken and Nancy's and only had time to read the poetry book while I was there.

Cat said...

Lynne, you are so lucky to be able to be home with the girls. I'm jealous, but I'm very happy for you. As you say, puff! I'm sure, knowing you, that you'll soon have new neighbor friends to invite for cookouts, too. That's just the way you are!

Bob Hale said...

That's easy.

You follow this link.

And there are two other books. One is poetry, the other is travel.

Cat said...

Excellent! I've ordered the other two for myself. I might have to go back and order the first someday, too, as I do like those House on the Rock poems, but I know I can also read them on the web. I'm cheap like that. ;-)

Bob Hale said...

I didn't want to say anything to influence you either way but now that you've ordered them I can tell you that I think the second poetry book is better than the one that you already read.

(In the interest of balance I should also say that Nancy thought the travel book, at times, came over as a bit anti-American which absolutely was not my intention. I hadn't even realised it could be interpreted that way until I read my proof copy.)

Anyway, if you enjoy them would you do me the favour of popping back to Lulu and leaving reviews. I'd appreciate it.

(ANd because I'm fair minded, do the same thing if you don't enjoy them.)

Cat said...

Nancy told me that the book could be anti-American, which frankly intrigues me! I'm kinda like that - I like to read stuff that challenges me on many levels. I will go back and leave reviews. I'll review them on Good Reads and here, too, probably! :-)