Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dream of a Hero

I once had a dream that I was at a reenactment event (Rendezvous friends, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout) and as I was walking through the field at night, making my way between tents, I heard singing in the distance.  This is not unusual.  Singing at night around the campfire is largely why I fell in love with Rendezvous and there are usually many sing-alongs around many campfires all around the encampment.  In this dream I turned towards the music and walked up over a small rise to see a group of folks around a warm, inviting fire.  The singing grew louder as I approached and I could make out the individual instruments - washbasin bass, banjo, guitar, fiddle, maybe a dulcimer in there . . . yes, there's the dulcimer's drones . . .

I kept walking and could begin to make out some voices.  Many I recognized as Rendezvous people and one voice, in particular, sounded so familiar it was like family.  It wasn't family, though, it was Pete Seeger.  I could hear him singing and I was so happy because I knew he must love Rendezvous and all of the music we have at night.  I started walking more quickly, nearly running (although even in my dream I knew that running through a field of tents in the dark is foolish - too many tent stakes and ropes), and just as I got to the edge of the circle and was about to speak to my hero . . . I woke up.

That dream was so vivid, so real at the time that I spent all day recalling it.  I've thought about it often ever since, and it's probably been at least 12 years since I had it.  I've thought about it as I lay down at night, hoping that I could return to that fire and sing along with him, but it has never happened.

Today, on the day after his passing, I pray that he is enjoying a great campfire with a great many singers.  I know that someday, Mr. Seeger, I will get to sing with you in the afterlife . . . unless you're singing protest songs in front of the Pearly Gates. 

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