Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Second Pair of Socks!

Ack! I don't know why this picture is all yellowy . . . but anyway, here is my second pair of socks. The colors aren't so yellow - they're really pretty white/black/purple with blue specks. They're cotton/wool/nylon Italian yarn - Sockotta. I liked the self-patterning feature, largely because it gave me something different to look at while I was knitting. It kinda bugs me that I was unable to stripe the indentically . . . even though I tried. Also, I'm really no good at makng them exactly the same size yet. Of course, as it's only my second project perhaps I should employ some grace here.

The second picture shows the colors better. Aren't they pretty? Can someone please explain to me the reason for blocking? What is it, how do you do it and why? I just don't see a need.

Anyway, as my son has declared purple to be "too girly", these socks are, perhaps, unless I can find someone else with small feetsies like mine, for me. I have already cast on another pair of red socks for my son, and I plan to add some stripes or something in the cuffs (as well as just bite the bullet and be patient and make the cuffs longer). I found a fun book that has patterns for putting words into the stitching, so I might snag my good friend http://www.knittingbrow.com/ and get him to explain what it all means. I keep glazing over when trying to read knitting patterns. Is this normal, Doctor?

Lessons learned:
1. Measure your darn foot and do the math so the cuffs won't be so loose.
2. Be patient and make the cuffs longer, darnit.
3. Never stick the dpn in your mouth while knitting in the car because you might accidentally hit it in and hurt your pallette (ouch).
4. Learn how to knit both socks at once so you don't have length differences.


yarmando said...

Two at once? I'll help. And I'll teach you toe-up.

--Toe-up Toad

Gwen said...

Hey girly girl..... if you want help, i'd be more than happy to help ya too, although, I don't knit 2 pair at the same time, I use douple points to do mine. Just IM me, or something. We can talk knitting, my fav. subject!


Gwen said...

P.S. I have never blocked socks, but here's the reasoning behind it. You make a shaping out of a clothes hanger or something, you wet them, put them on the frame and let them dry, it helps. It helps stretch stitches, and as it dries, it stays that way, to even out what ever it is you are blocking. Does that make sense?


I just don't do it to socks

Love ya


auntgerry said...

Hi Cat, yes I remember you from the Merch,. The socks look great.
Aunt Gerry