Saturday, August 04, 2007


My new socks are done! Aren't they pretty? They feel nice on my feet, too! For the details of the yarn, pattern, etc, see my last post.

I had to take this pic of Simon this evening. This is how he looks much of the time we're home. He's drawing, he's got a reference book to his left so he can make sure his details are correct, and he's got other paraphernalia around him. Rosie found him fascinating, too.

OK, Back to knitting. I've started some more socks, these for my young artist. I'm trying two at one time, toe-up as my sock sensei has suggested. More on these as they progress!

I've finished my bag-o-bags. I knitted strips of plastic grocery bags on size 17 needles. I'm going to make some kind of straps - any suggestions? Seems to me like plastic would be unstable, stretchy and sticky. Maybe some scrap fabric I have laying around. Nothing will be purchased to make this bag!


Slang said...

Nice socks! How did you like making them toe up?

Cool bag, too! For the strap maybe you can cut your scrap fabric into strips and braid it together (maybe even braid it with some plastic bags) and weave it down one side of the bag, around the bottom, and back up the other side.

Cat said...

Excellent idea, Slang! I might just do that!

I have another idea for fabric strips, too. I've been thinking of making a long braid to hang in the bathroom and clip all of my hair things to it.