Friday, November 30, 2007

Class Reunion

I am old, but I don't have to act it! I decided to add some of that purple dye to my hair for our 25th HS class reunion last weekend. Sorry it's taken me so long to post the pics!

I also had it all put up, and it was fun.

Between the fancy do, the purple, and the cool Batik blouse from Marketplace India (my favorite catalog!) , I looked pretty good!

The night after the reunion, Laura had our old gang over for a bit. It was nice to get together. These women have been my friends for a long, long time!

I did finally make a button out of Sculpey , sew it on the belt pouch and mail it up to Santa. I think he'll like it - I just hope the postal service gets it there quickly! SOME of us don't have elves to do our every bidding!


Linda said...

This is my first time trying to comment, so since it probably won't work I'm not going to try to be brilliant. My comment is you need more Santa pics. :)

Cycho Librarian said...

You are NOT old!!!