Saturday, November 10, 2007

Various Topics

First, I was tagged by Yarmando in the Random Book Quote Meme! Yay! I love being picked, too!
Instructions: open the book you’re currently reading to page 161 and read the fifth sentence on the page, then think of 5 bloggers to tag.
I am reading 3 books at the moment:
I just started The Syringa Tree by Pamela Gien. Don't have any idea how it will be. It is for one of my book groups. Page 161, sentence 5: The window jerked open, suddenly filling the kitchen with outside insect hum and the hell-deep boom of Pietros's voice, "Hello, Madam . . ."

I have renewed resolve to finish the last book group book (because now we're reading it for my other book group), Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Page 161, sentence 5: Richard calls it "The Geet". (Hey, I didn't make the rules! I know these don't make much sense, but isn't it fun anyway?)

Book 3 is a graphic novel I'm reading because it looked intriguing, was listed on many "greatest" lists, and then the first few pages of the story totally hooked me in (a hazard of my work). The Runaways: #1-18 by Brian Vaughan. Page 161, sentence 5: Heck, this book isn't numbered. I'll just pick a random "that looks like 161 pages" page: Topher, I cut myself because shedding my own blood is the only way to free the ancient magical weapon that my witch of a mom somehow trapped inside my body. (Now, who can resist that, I ask you!)

Tagging: Now, I get to name 5 other people to do this whacky book tag! Cycholibrarian, Cat (my Brit Twin), FightingLibrarian, Gotta Book , and Sock Princess, and just to keep things even, Aunt Gerry. If anyone else wants to post their sentence, that's great, too - those of you w/o blogs of your own (you know who you are!) can post them in my comments!

Second, Very Sad News - our pet snake, Jack, has passed away. Poor Jack. We loved him well. These pictures were taken this past Summer.

We've all cried, but I couldn't let it go without sharing the sad news. I know lots of folks don't like snakes at all, but he was really a good pet, and we loved him.

Now my uplifting news - what's on the needles!
First, a chemo cap for the collection at the Merc. I have to finish this and get it in! I already put one kid's sized one in the basket. We're competing with an LYS in Michigan. We'll win! Go Buckeyes! (omg, did I just say go buckeyes? Well, it's knitting, so it's ok).

And I've swatched (yes, sometimes I do swatches - don't get used to it!) the yarn for a sweater vest for Santa. I can post the particulars because Santa doesn't have time to read blogs this time of year!


auntgerry said...

I've never been tagged befor and don't know what to do, so I'll post it here. I am currently reiewing a book for Armchair Reviews and it is Kathleen Bryants Western National Parks Lodges Cookbook.. Page 161 is Add the preserves and hot sauce and simmer for 3 minutes longer.

Thats from Cinnamon dusted pork tenderoin with Raspberry Balsamic Sauce from the Many Glacier Hotel.

Cat said...

Cool - that sound yummy! You can respond to tags just as you did, or sometimes people will post at their own blog and then "tag" other people who read their blog to do it, too. There's really no hard and fast rules to this, as far as I know.

sock princess said...

I know a lot of you won't believe this but I do read. Right now I'm reading A SISTER's SECRET by Wanda Brunstetter. Page 151 When Grace entered the downstairs hallway a few minutes later-----Also, I'm terrified of snakes (due to a little brother who loved to throw them on me) but I'm so sorry about your little pet.

Gregory K. said...

I've finally noticed that you tagged me, but honest to goodness, I have no books going that get up to page 151. No, I'm not kidding! So even though I mighta broken my no-meme string, I simply have to say I can't do it. Go figure! But thanks for thinking of me....

The Fighting Librarian said...

Um. I'm very late. How does this tagging thing work? How do other people know I've tagged them.

From The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, pg 161 line 5:

"The house, La Inca, the fried yca she was putting into her mouth were already gone--it was only a matter of allowing the rest of the world to catch up."

Now what do I do? Hehe, I should know this...