Friday, February 22, 2008

3 Beautiful Things

I love this blog, 3 Beautiful Things and go there often to be uplifted. Today's post is quite delightful.

My 3 things so far today:

1. We're all home today, on a Friday! DH doesn't feel well, but he's functional and on the mend. Kiddo is off school for the snow, and I'm off because I work tomorrow. It's really quite cozy.

2. My skittish cat, Rosie, napped on my lap today for about 2 hours as I snuggled with DH. Towards the end, her brother, Samwise, joined us. Simon got a picture. You can see DH, and my hand and torso. Rose is the black one, Sam is grey.

3. The new snow on the ground is so sparkley and bright. It's the kind of snow that makes it look like midday in the middle of the night.

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