Monday, March 24, 2008

But What Shall I Pack?

First, here are the promised pictures of the big blizzard a few weeks ago. We had over 20 inches in about 12 hours! Si, as you can see, is covered. LOL He had so much fun running around our yard and over in the nearby playground. He doesn't even seem to mind getting wet.

This is a picture of our paper delivered on Saturday. Do you see that little spot of the paper, stuch straight up in the snow about 1/3 of the way up the drive? I can't blame our delivery person at all. It was nasty! I was surprised, frankly, that we got the paper at all. We never did get mail that day (so much for the mail always getting through!).

What to pack?
I'm leaving for Minneapolis tomorrow for PLA (Public Library Association's Conference). I'll be gone Tuesday through Sunday. What knitting shall I pack? I have several projects:
Baby Surplice Sweater - I"m doing this with size 10 needles and chunky yarn. It's going to end up about size 2 or 4, Toddler sizes. I just had to get some more colors for the striping today as I'm running low on the main ones. It'll still look cool, though, I think. This is a pretty good candidate for the plane because it's easy to follow and stuff, but as I probably only have another 2-3 hours of knitting I could finish it on the plane and then be bored.

This is my clapotis! I've finally given in and decided to try one. I've cast it on specifically so that I can travel with it to PLA . . . but now I've realized that I'll want to switch colors several times throughout the 4-6 hours I'll be en route tomorrow, and I am nervous about cutting implements and airport security. Ack! This is great in all other respects, though, since the pattern is simple but not mindless, and colors are pleasing and calming, and it's silky wool that doesn't take up much room in the computer bag.

My third project for the road is my socks. You can't tell from this awful picture, but the yarn is really bright and wonderful. A cachophony of colors! Trouble is, socks can get really tedious if they're all you have to knit on at any given time. Maybe I could pack the iPod and use that to amuse myself while knitting and traveling. I wonder if anyone I know will be on the same plane. I have a vague idea I will run into someone.


Kristen said...

cool beans have a blast!!! Bring me back some library swag ;) lol

Slang said...

I always travel with my ipod. I throw several podcasts on it (NPR has lots of good ones.) They help pass the time on road trips or while waiting in airports.

Have fun at the conference!

Amanda said...

I won't be on your plane :( but I will have craft projects in tow! Definitely bring your ipod. Have you ever listened to Craft Sanity Podcasts? They make great pplane listening since they are always about 1 hour. Have a safe trip...See you in Minneapolis!

Cat said...

Gack - I can't find my iPod! I"m quite upset about it, but I'm sure I just moved it somewhere and now forget. Duh.

Geiar said...

This is a little late now but have you seen those yarn cutter disks before? I got one for my trip to Texas, so we'll see how it works out. Hope you're having fun on your trip!

quilterjo learns new things said...

Hey there, I live in Toowoomba Australia and stumbled across your blog via your comments on Tame the Web!!

I am in my final year studying to become a librarian, but am working as a library assistant in a public library.

Was amazed by your comments on guns in libraries, posted a link to the discussion comments on our uni forum and most people were shocked by the amount of violence u deal with.

Have a great time at your conference, and keep up the knitting!! Whilst not a knitter myself, I love the oictures of all the wool.

Cat said...

quilterjo - welcome to my humble blog. I just had some discussion at dinner with a librarian from Chicago and one from NYC, and they both talked about the out-of-control incidents in their library. They didn't talk as much about weapons, but general mayhem and beligerence are common. There is a rising problem about this, and the library world needs to address it now. I mean -NOW. thanks for reading!