Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Knitter's Challenge!

I have decided that my charity knitting this year will be to take the 25 Wins a Prize challenge. This Warm Woolies group seems to be really on the ball, and I want to help them! Last year I knit a couple dozen infant and preemie hats for donations in town . . . the year before I knit hats for the Dulaan Project. I feel like it's time to knit some bigger projects for others. I need to finish up hubby's sweater first, but I'll probably at least cast on a kids' vest (or sweater) before the week is out.

Care to join me in this challenge?

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Kalleh said...


I just stopped by to say hello! You are very pink here, aren't you? I am not a knitter, but it sure is popular here. Every Wednesday there is a knitting meeting at our Borders.