Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Techno Geekness in Libraries

I've been reading blogs from librarians for a long time. Although I've read lots and lots, and I have lots on my blogroll (see sidebar), there are really only a handful that I will go to all the time. One of them is Amanda Credaro's
Warrior Librarian. It's satire at it's bookishest! She's covered all the bases over the years, too. For instance, I just hit the "home" button from one of her other links and got a bogus 404 error message. It's hilarous! And who among us can resist being able to re-arrange Melville Dewey's face!
(This brief review of the website is my "Thing #7" for L&P @ CML)

On a personal rant, today is the first day of school for CCS, and I dutifully dropped my son off instead of making him take the bus. I just can't resist that puppy dog face he makes when begging! OK, I'll be able to resist tomorrow . . . Anyway, I stupidly forgot to take our traditional "First Day of School and Try To Look Happy About It" picture. I'll grab one tomorrow and post it. (boy, by the time they hit 8th grade, it's hard not to get jaded!)


read2akid said...

My kids wouldn't let me take one this year!! They said they were too old (6th and 8th graders). I threatened to follow them to the bus stop, but I didn't. Too much of a softy, I guess. I'll get them soon. (Kim@43)

Jim Brochowski said...

Confession time - I've been keeping up with your blog for months. You are a fascinating individual.

Annette gave in last year and drives my oldest to school everyday. This year, the neighbor kid started high school so Netter drives them both. (Delaney still takes the bus, but I'm waiting for her to gripe.)

We didn't even think of taking the girls pics though. You know they're far too "cool" for that. ;-)