Saturday, August 30, 2008

Si's Birthday Party

We had Si's Birthday Party very early (2 weeks!), and it was a perfect-weather day! It was warm, but not beastly, the sun was shining and the sky was blue! We found a good spot in a local park, set out some balloons, set up our propane grill and waited for the boys. We had about 16 boys, total. Fun - and loud!

Mike was our GrillMaster - good cookin, Sweetie!

The boys played games (yes, there is a kid in that tree - we made him get down) . . . .

and ate . (that badge Simon has on says "If you knew my family you'd understand - what do you think he means by that? LOL Actually, we'd joked about it so much that I made him the button this summer when I had access to a button-maker.) . .

And although we'd said "donations to Ronald McDonald house in lieu of donations", I did make sure he had a little something to open. He likes his new shirt!

We also have a healthy donation to RMH that Si and I are going to deliver either tomorrow or next weekend. I'm so proud of my kid!

Penblwydd Hapus Simon!

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