Tuesday, September 02, 2008

#8 RSS Feeds and Blogrolls

Hmm - say it again - "blogrolls". Does that sound yummy to anyone else? This week's Learn & Play stuff starts out with some great information on what an RSS feed is and how to use them. I already use Google Reader to keep track of all the blogs I follow. Am I a faithful follower? Nah, not really. I like how GR will give me the first line of the post and I can use that to determine if I want to open it and read it or not. I do read a lot of blogs, though, so don't think I'm not reading!

I have about 80-90 blogs that I watch. Some are mostly dead, while other blogs have new posts every day. What's great about the Reader is that I no longer have to go to each one and see what is going on. I can just look at those who've updated. LOVE IT! Saves me so much time, and it helps me keep up better!

I should probably add a newsfeed or two - but I haven't yet. I don't generally like reading the news - it's often depressing. But I guess that's just a personal problem I have!

So - in the spirit of Learning and Playing at work, I've also investigated Bloglines. I started an account and added some feeds. It's neat! I like being able to easily share your blogroll with others. Here is my public blogroll - yippee!

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