Thursday, September 04, 2008

How much is enough? (#9 of 23 things)

How much is too much news? How much is enough? How much time should I spend reading news each day? These are questions I've always had in my head . . . well, maybe not always, but for a really long time.

I have never been one to read a lot of news. It's depressing, often, and it takes time when I could be DOING things. So when asked to explore news feeds I thought to myself "gack! I don't even like to READ the news!"

But I have found that some well-chosen RSS feeds of headlines is a helpful way to cut down on the time it takes to read the news while still being aware of what is going on in the world. So now I have some headline feeds that are easily accessible from my browser toolbar. I can scroll down the list of headlines and just pick the few that interest me. The rest I can ignore. yay! Ignoring is fun!

For all of my friends who are news junkies (you know who you are!) - happy now?

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