Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You're It! Thing #13

Yup - I'm finally back to Learning and Playing at work. I'm on thing #13, which was really meant for last week, but . . . well . . . read my last post for my excuses. I'm checking out delicious, which is a social bookmarking sharing site. You keep your "favorites" list on this website instead of just in your browser, and you can access it from any computer instead of just your usual place. So, I can keep one list of sites that I can access from home, from my laptop at Panera and/or from work. I signed onto this site a year or two ago and it never really tripped my trigger. Now, however, looking back at it again, I'm thinking that I might give it a try! I'm doing more and more online work for all aspects of my life (Boy Scouts, PTA, my band, playing . . oh yea, and work), and this might help keep track of things I like better. We'll have to see.

So - take a look at my delicious list and see what you think. I'm not done, yet, with taking care of my big browser upload, but soon you'll be able to see most of my bookmarks. :-)

Handling all my old bookmarks again brought me back to my favorite online song cartoon, if you're into things like that. Take a few minutes and listen/watch! I like Heywood Banks!

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Jim Brochowski said...

Heywood Banks, one of my all time favs.