Sunday, September 14, 2008

Donating, Picking, Slideshowing

Well, we'd intended to go to Via Colori so Simon and some other students at his school could do a square at the chalk art festival, but then his teacher got an email saying we didn't have a square. We could have, apparently, been "alternates" and gone down on the off-chance we'd get a square that others didn't want, but we decided to do other things instead.

We took a donation to Ronald McDonald House. We thought about taking a picture, but decided to let Simon be a little more incognito. This is money he collected at his Birthday party, in lieu of gifts. It was cool! The women working the front desk were REALLY nice and doted on him a bit, and gave us a quick tour around the facility. I hope Simon feels even half the pride that I feel in him doing this!

We also went apple-picking. It was great! I tried to upload some photos for you, but for some reason it isn't working. They're pics Mike took, and I'm wondering if the files are just really big or something.

Anyway, because of work, I'm still playing around with Flickr apps, so here is a slideshow of hats and scarves that I've made - lol.


Anonymous said...

Tell you son thanks for the donation to RMH. Not many kids would do such a thing. Sorry I wasn't there when you came by. I work Mon thru Fri evenings. Its a great house itsn't it.

Kalleh said...

Very nice pictures, CW. I have a new friend who knits and has some favorite stores in Chicago. Before you visit us again, I will get some names.