Friday, December 12, 2008

Poetry Friday!

Vacation Day

A peaceful way to knit and play
and move us t'ward this Christmas Day.
A mom's tradition, tightly held
allowing me to clean and meld.
I knit some gifts, the flour sifts,
the gingerbread with tangy wiffs.
My friends can come, the house is done,
contentment when the battle's won.

~ Cat

Several years ago, not able to take time off right at the holidays, I took a week at the beginning of December. It was bliss! Taking a few days off now means that I approach the holidays with MUCH less stress and worry. The house is ready (even though we're not really having guests this year), the gifts are bought (and I'll start wrapping soon), and I have time to finish knitting gifts (don't expect pictures til after they've been gifted!). I'm not baking much this year because of WW, but I will make Dad his sweetroll, and Si will want to make some sugar cookies, I'm sure. That'll happen next weekend. Although this week has been different than in past (had to work Mon. afternoon and Thursday, spent Tuesday with a good friend going through Chemo), it's been a blessing and a joy.


Mary Lee said...

Sounds LOVELY. A good tradition for your very own soul!

Mary Lee said...

Hey, we (Franki and I at A Year of Reading) were talking and can't figure out why this didn't occur to us sooner -- we are planning another Central Ohio Blogger get together and we love to make it a Blogger/Poet/Author get together! We are going to meet at Cover to Cover at 5:00 on Monday, January 26 (Newbery Announcement Day) and then go to dinner at NorthStar (on High St. near Henderson). We'd love it if you could join us! Are there any other local author/illustrator/poet/bloggers that you can think of? We are going to invite Amjed Qamar and Pat Lewis (and the usual suspects: Literate Lives, Talkworthy, Creative Literacy, bestbookihavenotread...and a couple others who can't come: ReadReadRead, My World-Mi Mundo)

Let us know via our blog email.

Mary Lee and Franki