Saturday, June 06, 2009

Bragging on my kid!

I feel like I brag about my kid a lot, but this week brought several more opportunities for proud tears to come to my eyes. (Yea, I'm a cryer) 8th grade is over for him now, and they had an award ceremony Thursday morning. Si received 2 awards, one for Outstanding Artist, and one for Most Original Topic of the Science Expo. He's pictured here with two of his close friends, Storm and Mark. The pic is a little dark, but if you click on it to expand it, you'll see it better.

This weekend is the Columbus Arts Festival, and our young artist is quite involved! As a Young Docent for the James Thurber House, he is performing a Reader's Theater version of "The Night the Ghost Got In" in two performances at the Poetry Stage.

He did a fine job this morning, and I look forward to seeing him read different parts tomorrow! Here he is, listening to the other young docents tell versions of explanations and other stories of mysterious happenings at the Thurber House.

Thanks to a great Art Teacher at AIMS (Arts IMPACT Middle School), Si has 2 pieces on display in the Student Exhibits. One is a print he made using linoleum blocks that he carved. As you can see, it's a lovely, detailed print of a leopard. Luckily he made 4 more prints, because his teacher wants to keep this one at the school forever.

The other is his self-portrait, and, as our friend Bu-ying said, I bet he'll have people stopping him on the street saying "Hey, you're that kid in the picture!" Larger than life!

Remembering Mandy:

I again find myself needing to write a few words in memoriam. A dear lady, Amanda Maxwell, passed away last week. Her memorial service was this Thursday night. She was a strong woman of God, a woman who lived her life seeking God's will and purpose, and raising a large family of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren who follow God as well. She has left a powerful, far-reaching legacy in her offspring, many of whom are great servants, loving people with great talents generously shared.

When I first met Mandy it was in the Sunday School rooms at our church. She and I taught together for a while, and I remember her nurturing, her compassion, and her love for both the children and me. I learned a lot about love from watching her. I've also have the honor of being friends with several of her children and some of her grandchildren. Again, her love shines through them, and her strong drive to "do what is right" is evident in all of them. I've always loved being around Mandy and her family. My heart and prayers are with them in this time of mourning, but I also celebrate with them, knowing that Mandy is now at home in the presence of our Lord. Her memorial service on Thursday was one of the most glorious, celebratory services I've ever been to. It was an honor to sing along with the old hymns, knowing that Mandy is singing with a glorious new voice beside her Savior.

Rest well, Mandy, enjoying your painlessness. Someday we'll meet again and have lots of time to share more stories and songs.


Cheryl said...

How can you not be so proud of Simon! What a talented young man. I really enjoyed this photos especially of his artwork. That must be incredible to see him coming into his own. I hope he's excited about high school.

Very sorry about your friend, Mandy.

Bob Hale said...

Pass on my congratulations to him. Is he still also writing his fantasy stories or just illustrating them now?

Cat said...

Yes, he's still writing - but mostly in his head. He'll often make a whole stack of illustrations, explaining how each character fits into his story . . . but we've yet to see any of the story. He says he'll get it all perfect in his head and then sit down someday in the future and just write it all out. LOL

Kelly Syferd said...

That's awesome! Congratulations to Simon!!