Monday, January 11, 2010

Jumble of Pics

Simon finally removed all the wrist bands he's been wearing and adding to for about 3 years. It was momentous. Look at the difference in his wrists! I'm surprised he didn't need physical therapy! He removed several months ago, but . .. well . . .you know. I'm just getting caught up!

Mike and I got away for a few days to go up to Lake Erie in October. We love it up there, and had a great time. This was at sunset, on the deck of our hotel.

I fished out a few pics of my in-laws at Xmas that I think they won't kill me for posting. We play Shanghai Rummy, and it was fun!

I love that Si is finally old enough to really be good at cards and other games.

This is Dodger, the oldest Terrier "Grand-dog" (my mom's got one grandson and now has 9 grand-dogs - LOL), with Jasper, the baby. Both are decked out in their winter duds.

OK - just one more puppy shot. Mike loved the little guy, too!

And sunset over Lake Erie. (Hey, I warned you it was a jumble!)

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