Friday, April 02, 2010


We can mark the progression of Simon's life through visits to the Zoo. We have had a membership there for as long as we've been married. I remember . . .
  • Going to the zoo while pregnant to get to know another couple better. Husband was a co-worker, and they were new in town, and his wife was preggers, too.
  • Taking babies to the zoo on "play dates", and seeing all the other children sound asleep in their strollers at the end of the day while my own kid was totally pumped up and ready to do it all again!
  • Simon's first complete spoken sentence was "I like animals."
  • Countless pictures of Si climbing on the animal statues, with time being determined by how large and then small the statues started to look compared to his body.
  • Going to Saturday morning programs for parents and preschoolers.
  • Taking my newly-potty-trained kid to Saturday classes at the zoo - without me!
  • Taking my growing boy to summer camp for day-long experiences at the zoo, only to pick him up after 5 full days and have him say "can we stay and look around some more?"
We have been so excited about all the improvements; reading about them in the newsletter, watching the construction. We watched the manatee building being built, the cool new play area where kids can act like bugs and animals (we particularly like the dung beetle ball-pushing), and each new big habitat area as they've opened. Our zoo has come so far over the years, and I feel like it's a part of our family, in a way, because we've grown along with it.

Last year when my parents were visiting around this time of year, we went to the zoo and took my wheel chair so I could be pushed around, knowing I didn't have the strength to walk far.

Today we walked through about a third of the zoo grounds. It was totally packed, being Spring Break for all schools and an absolutely glorious day. Simon is so knowledgable that as he was telling me about animals, their habit, quirks and habitats, other families would listen. It's like visiting Gettysburg with my husband - I have my own tour guide!

This is the koalas - I've circled where the 2 koalas are hiding!

Funny quotes from Si today:
  • as we entered the zoo: Ahhh - I think I feel my life force returning!
  • walking: Mmm, the familiar scent of over-buttered popcorn and primate excrement!
  • remember when I practically lived here? I need to do that again.
  • to the Komodo Dragon: Hello, buddy, you've been growing, haven't you?


Ellen said...

That almost looks like a small person in a Komodo Dragon suit! Happy Easter!

Cat said...

The zoo's facebook page reports that this particular Friday was a record-breaking daily attendance day! 32,655 people! Ack! No wonder all the vending machines were empty of drinks!

Cheryl said...

What awesome memories! Very sweet. E's first trip was at 5 months old and we've went tons since. Such a great adventure each time!