Thursday, November 07, 2013


I'm looking for a job, right?  Yea, most of you . . . probably all of you know that.  I'm applying all over the place (all over tarnation, in fact) and I've had some good interviews.  I've done some skyping and some in-person interviews, I've been flown out, have driven for many miles, have looked at many libraries, and I've had some phone interviews.  I don't much like phone interviews. 

Nope, I don't like phone interviews.  Why?  Because you can't see their faces!  I can't tell if they're zoning out.  I can't tell if they're responding positively or negatively, I can't even tell if they're still in the room.  

Oh, and did I mention that there's always more than one person at the other end?  On the other side of the table, or in front of the other webcam or at the other end of the phone there are always several people.  Several voices . . . several personalities.

Oh yes, it's a joy!

Good thing I'm an extrovert!  I actually like panel interviews.  I like playing to a group.  The bigger the group the better, in my mind.  I used to REALLY LOVE doing storytimes at the Main Library in Columbus when there would be 80 children and caregivers . . . or puppet shows when over 100 people would fill the auditorium.  LOVE!

Hmm, I wonder if puppets would make these interviews better . . .

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Ellen said...

Puppets make everything better. Good luck - lots of libraries here in the midwest!