Saturday, August 26, 2006

Vacation Report #1

One of the things I love most about being off work is spontaneity. I don't often get to be spontaneous (not nearly as often as I'd like), even on vacation! But I love it when we can be! The very first day of our trip we were to drive straight out to the Eastern Shore, southern Maryland area near Assateague and Chincoteague Islands. It's about a 10 hour drive. Well, as we were driving, we decided spontaneously to stop at Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland. It was very cool. We purchase an audio tour guide that included a book and map and other information and we followed quickly through the stops to get a good idea of what took place there. (The bridge is sometimes refered to as Burnside's Bridge where hundreds of soldiers were killed). It's hard to believe that such a beautiful place has seen so much bloodshed. It creeps me out, but my son and husband don't seem to feel it. We also lucked out and saw the reenactors demonstrating some things, including loading and firing. It was neat!
There is also a tribute to Clara Barton, who helped nurse fallen soldiers on this field and who went on to help found the American Red Cross. You will see that, all through our trip I was relentlessly trying to find things to look at and do that weren't about war. Sigh. I'll post more on the vacation soon. Also check out my other blog for more writing about our week!


Cara said...

I commented in the Raptor Hovel. I had a question that I couldnt find the answer to, but I though your son, based on his most recent entry. Please encourage him to help me out! Kids are so resourcesfull at finding information on the web! I'm just a crusty old person who keeps trying to make the pages turn.

Cat said...

I'll try to get him to respond to you tomorrow. Thanks for posting!