Sunday, August 13, 2006

WIPs again - finally!

I finally got off my duff and took pics of what I've been working on. First is the notorious baby blanket. The baby was born only last week, and having gotten bored with the boring knitting I did not make a very large blanket, so I wanted to finish and deliver it soon so the baby is still slightly smaller than the blankie.

Second has been a really fun project, and I'm just about to cast off and block. It's a 7x9 block for the homeless shelter quilt. My LYS gives away yarn for people to knit squares. Then we can turn them in and they'll put them all together. I might make a second just like this one. I love doing cables! I'm convinced to try making a sweater for my husband . . . maybe for Christmas 2008 or something. LOL Rosie likes the knitting and is constantly "helping" me. You can see her paws there on the table.

My next unfinished project is my first attempt to make a yarmulke for a friend. I messed it up and have no idea what I'm doing so I'm going to frog it. I just thought I'd document that I did try. Also, those needles are awful - very heavy.

Third is a pair of sock/slippers that I am making for my M-I-L. She likes velour-y things, so this chenille yarn should be just the ticket. She liked it when we picked it out at Wallyworld . . . her favorite place to shop. I think I should have knit a guage swatch because this is turning out way too large. I might be frogging this, too, so it's on the back burner until I make up my mind.

Finally is the beautiful sock yarn sent to me for my birthday by my good new friend,Slang! It is a beautiful color mix, and lovely texture. I might start up a pair of socks with it - right after I finish my current sock project!

I am so excited about my current socks. I can't get any more pictures in to this post, though, so I'll start another one. :-)

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