Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vacation Report #3

These are more pictures from the islands. Simon has become uncomfortable with having pictures taken of himself so we kind of have to coerce him every time we want one. He has a tendancy to look surly, so Mike has begun tickling him, etc. This first one is the two of them in front of a shipwreck on Assateague.

Simon does, however, enjoy handling the camera himself sometimes, thus the pic of Mike and I. Mike and Si took what they now both call "the death walk" by hiking along one of the nature trails on Assateague. It was, apparently, overrun with mosquitoes and didn't yield (strangely) any good birds. I had opted to sit and knit during that walk, thereby missing the bites. Yay me! Yay knitting!

Bombay Hook Delaware is really lovely. We got there on Monday around noon, and there were thousands of birds. Mike tells me that when it is migration time there are hundreds of thousands, and many more species than we saw, but I was quite happy with our afternoon there. I really enjoyed all of the herons and their ilk.

And finally, on Tuesday morning we arrived at Gettysburg, bright and early (just as the visitor's center was opening, really). This is what Si has been waiting for all Summer. He was so excited he was nearly uncontainable. We had even had to ask him to please stop talking about the Civil War while we were enjoying the nature on the coast because he'd become so obsessed with it all he was hardly even noticing the beach and birds. We did the Visitor's Center first, and then started the cool in-your-car audio tour we'd purchased at Antietam. More on this later!


auntgerry said...

Looks like a great trip.

Beth M. said...

Looks like a wonderful and relaxing vacation. Love the picture of you and your husband. As far as trying to capture your son in a picture... that's the age.. you have to 'sneak' pictures in when you can. Good Luck!
Glad you got some knitting in too.

Cara said...

Looks like fun!
Our vacation this year was a camping one. Camping is for the birds. I am the Evel Knievel of the equestrian world and I and my titanium parts should not sleep on the ground.