Saturday, April 28, 2007

Finally more Chicago Pics

I can't believe I've let this go so long! Sorry, loyal readers! Now - here is Simon at the Field Museum - one of our favorite places on Earth. He was happy as a clam to be there again!
One of the things we did with our Wordcraft friends was celebrate Bob's birthday. Bob is from England, and it was the first time we've met him face-to-face. He collects Alice in Wonderland books and stuff, so I got him some bunny ears (and a book). Doesn't he look happy to be in the US?
I have a whole series of pictures of our group taking turns wearing the bunny ears. This is Ken (from Chicago). Simon refused to wear them (and in fact was trying quite hard not to appear to be part of the group at this point).
The last night we were in Chicago, Nancy and Ken had us all over for a Seder dinner. It was cool to commemorate Passover with them, doing their traditional religious and familial things. Here you see, left to right, Margaret (from UK), Ken, Simon, Me, Tony, Scott.
That evening we got a good picture of all the Wordcrafters who got together.
Front row: me, Nancy (Chicago), Anita (Columbus, also), Richard (UK), Bob, Ken.
Don't we look like a fun bunch?
Today is a busy day - we're celebrating Simon's graduation from the Thurber House Docent Training, and then we're helping to celebrate the Main Library's Centennial. I'll try to get pics up soon for those things!

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