Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thurber Docent and Library

Simon has been training to be a Junior Docent at the Thurber House. James Thurber spent a good portion of his life here in Columbus, and the Thurber House is where he lived for part of that time. Simon is now a Thurber expert, and will be leading tours at upcoming events. Yesterday was the graduation. Here he is - isn't he handsome?

This was part of the ceremony - you can see the two teachers there, saying wonderful things about our kids.

This is his whole class of kids. Aren't they great looking? He's slouching a little, but he was the tallest one there! It's amazing!

After that event, we headed to the Main Library for the Centennial celebrations. They had authors in every division, cake and ice cream, and lots of live music. One of the groups was me and some friends. Nick, Jami and I play traditional music, folk music, etc.

We had a lot of fun there. Nick is on Hammered Dulcimer, Jami on guitar, and I played Mountain Dulcimer, washboard, and spoons, depending on the song. We also all sang. It was fun! All of the other groups were professional musicians who happen to have some connection to the library . . .we are professional Librarians who happen to play music as a hobby. There is a rumor that we'll get paid, but as of yet we've seen no check. LOL

We're talking about playing some Farmer's Markets around the area someday. Hey, nothing like having a second source of spending money from your hobby, right? and I have a lot of hats we could set out!


Matt said...

Awesome!, I didn't know you were playing there! I grew up with a hammer dulcimer playing father and love me some folk music.......

Slang said...

Oooooooooooooh! I just love the hammered dulcimer. If you guys ever go on tour be sure to stop in Savannah ;-)