Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy belated Easter!

Here is the basket I knit and felted for Scott and Tony. And here they are!

<< Scott, one of my dearest and most wonderful friends.

<<< Tony . . . who is actually nice enough to be with Scott and make me happy about it.

The gloves I finished on Easter Sunday. Aren't they neat? This is the yarn that is infused with aloe and jojoba, so they'll theoretically condition my hands as I wear them. They're my first-ever gloves and I didn't really have a pattern, so it was very interesting to make them! I need to work on the thumb shaping, but otherwise I am please with the outcome.

More pics will be posted in the next few days - all of our trip to Chicago!


auntgerry said...

Knittig gloves without a pattern. Fearless and they look cute too.

Cat said...

Either fearless or stupid! I need to make more gloves, now that I've actually found some patterns. I'm too impetuous sometimes!