Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Learn and Play at CML: blog count!

How many blogs do you have? How many social network sites do you keep up with? How many are you signed up on? I am losing count of my own! I have 2 blogs I've written . . . and keep fairly regularly. I have a couple more group blogs I've contributed to. I'm fairly regular on Facebook, and I like Ravelry a lot. I also Twitter, and I've tried Plurk, but since I'm already established at Twitter I think I'll stop plurking.

I have accounts at a few other social sites, but I don't keep up with them. Some places, like MySpace, make (or at least used to) you get an account just to be able to see and comment on other people's pages.

OK - blog count for me:
There is this one you're reading. There is my Live Journal blog, which I post to occassionally. I contribute to Zimmermania sometimes. I've blogged for PLA. I blogged for CML while I was at PLA. I've encouraged blogging as a learning tool for other staff. Now there's a new initiative starting at work that will have people starting blogs for work. Why would I want to start a new one? I might use the opportunity to try a different software, but then again, maybe I'll just use this one or my LJ and be done with it! But here's my question - is it appropriate to lead all those work folks to my personal blog? Do I want them all here, up in my bi'nness? Yea, I guess it's ok - I've got nufffin to hide, right? Besides, maybe one or two of them will take up knitting as a result! W00t!


Bob Hale said...

I have my regular blog (more regular than usual lately!) at where I post mostly about travel but with other bits and pieces thrown in. My other blog at (wouldn't have had the 2 in there but someone else has the name without it and has never used it) is where my book is serialised, a chapter a week.

I have third academic blog on the British Council/BBC website that I've posted a couple of teaching entries to. Nothing to get very excited about unless you are an ESOL/EFL teacher (and probably not even then).

And I have an old website, not updated for ages and apparently with some broken links. It also doesn't work properly under firefox. It's at, I think!

I don't use social networking sites at all although I believe I have a live journal account because it was the only way to see posts from one of my friends who uses it.

And that's it.

Slang said...

I have just a single blog ( and it seems I have little time for posting these days.

I belong to friendster, myspace, ravelry, facebook and LinkedIn. I check MySpace from time to time, but I can't really keep up with them all. There are just too many social networking sites out there now. There is one for every niche. That's just too many profiles to build, too many passwords to remember. I don't really need to be connected to THAT many people!

Maria said...

I use to have a blog for different topics..and I couldn't remember the password to I think I will keep one and put 'it all' there!! I envy people who can knit...