Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Scout, scenery and felting!

Here is our scout, ready for a week of leadership training - doesn't he look great? The tan is complements of his week-long canoeing trip in Michigan this past week. 12 hours after he arrived home we left to drive him to the next camp. Crazy!

You can see how hazy it was down in Southern Ohio this morning. Beautiful, but very humid and hot.

Anyone know what kind of flower this is? There seemed to be a lot of them along the roadsides today. First to ID it wins a prize!

I was inspired by the artwork of my friend and colleague, Mary Ann, and I have been knitting these bags all weekend long! I still have some final touches I want to put on them, though, before showing them to her and . . . get this! . . . trading her a purse for one of her paintings! Like a Real Artist!

I made a few others, too. It's been fun, knitting them. I'm pulling 3 strands of Lamb's Pride Worsted together so I can play with the colors more, using #19 needles (golly, those were expensive!)

I plan to do some needle felting to put the pussy willow pods on the fronds.


Anonymous said...

The wildflower looks like a wild morning glory to me. ?

knittingbrow said...

Those look really nice. The colors meld nicely.

Maria said...

It does look like Morning Glory...but here's the name of it
Calystegia sepium. Sound kind of aggressive vine: