Sunday, July 06, 2008

FO's and the 2 Skein Surprise!

Well, I'm very late in posting these pics, so I appreciate your patience. First the pics from our "2 Skein Surprise Exchange". We had a lovely time at the Northstar Cafe in Beechwold, too!

Kathy got socks from Kay (she's the Sock Princess, afterall).

Kate got a shawl from Gerald - lovely orangey-reds!

Natalie made a lovely bag for Barb, who couldn't join us - I never did find out why.

And she got a great bag from Kate!

I made a bag for Jenn.

Gerald got socks from Kathy. And I got a really cool Mobeus bowl from Kristin (which, for some odd reason I don't have pic of yet - look for one on the blog soon!). Kristin seems to have some "unfortunate exchange juju" because this is our second one in a row where she didn't get anything at the exchange party. Poor KKKKK!

I had to share this pic of Si and our friends, Elizabeth and Laura. E loves, adores, is enchanted by Simon. Si, being a teen, likes this adoration but can't show his appreciation and doesn't quite feel comfortable accepting her fealty. Nevertheless, he did condescend to have his pic taken when we lunched with them a few weeks ago.

And these are the promised FO's! As you can see, I'm still obsessed with the BSJ. LOVE IT! It's such an easy pattern, and it knits up so quickly that I can't resist making more! I made the smaller with sock yarn (Kureyon from Noro, gifted to me by the WONDERFUL KB!) My DH says it's not manly enough for a boy baby, though (unless he's named Joseph), so I knit the worsted one you see in denim. It's nice, too, but the stripes had to have ends woven in. Yuck. Anyway - 2 more sweaters done!

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Jo said...

Hey there Cat, just love your baby sweaters, really does make me want to learn how to knit instead of quilt!!

A technical blogging question for you - I still can't get my photos and words to match up like you have in this post. Have read all the FAQ's, any advice?