Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pimp my walker!

Yea, I'm that bored. I pimped my walker a little - with hand-knitted doodads, of course!

First I used some extra yarn to put a little color on one of the front bars.

Then I used some other extra yarn to make hand grip covers. I think it's felting as I use it. I do have some good callouses on my palms, now, but it still helps pad things.

Then I decided I needed a pocket for my phone. I made this with leftover fingering yarn. I should also be able to keep using this after I'm done with the walker, which is nice. I think 2 small buttons on the front part will allow me to close the flap, then I can use the cord to hang it around my neck of attach it to a belt or something.

Then I crocheted a holder for my water bottle. I'm going to make more of these in cotton. This one was just from the closest yarn at hand.

I can tie this to my walker, but it is actually easier to just grab the little ring and carry it separately.

A friend of mine thinks I can make bucks by making these things and selling them to Retirement Home gift shops. I doubt I'll have time for such things once I'm back to work, but it's something to keep in mind for the future. Also, if you are ever laid up and have to use a walker, let me know and I'll help you pimp it out!

This last pic is just to show you Rosie, playing with her plastic fork. It's one of her favorite toys. She tosses it around, plays, jumps after it, etc. A few weeks ago, she set it down at my feet. I tossed it a few feet away, and she went and fetched it! She deposited it at my feet again 3 more times! What a good little kitty!

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Amanda said...

I love your pimped out walker!! And I love how kitties can make the simplest things toys! We haven't bought 'real' cat toys in over a year because our kitties love milk rings and pens so much...maybe I'll try replacing the pens with plastic forks tho because you can NEVER find a pen around here...unless you start looking under the living room furniture, oven or refrigerator, lol!