Sunday, May 03, 2009

Many beautiful things

I've not posted in a while, and I figure I have a lot of good things for which I can be thankful, so I'll share some with you.

  1. My fancy new knee brace makes a good support for my laptop.
  2. I'm walking more each day, including going w/o the wheelchair in my house.
  3. Getting behind the wheel of my car (did I mention it matches the color of my new knee brace?) and driving for the first time tonight.
  4. Although the weatherman predicted a rainy weekend, it's been sunny and thoroughly beautiful both days.
  5. My son, of whom I"m so very proud, mowed the lawn today.
  6. The smell of garlic wafting in the windows as Si mowed the garlic that has sprouted in the yard (overflow from the garden).
  7. Lilies of the valley are blooming! They, also, are taking over the lawn in teh back. I'd be happy to have an entire yard of flowers, to be honest.
  8. Sitting in the park this morning with a couple of good friends (and Mike and Si) and playing a few songs (me on mando, Bu-ying on her Chinese flutes)
  9. The sound of Bu-ying's gourd flute wafting "Amazing Grace" through the woods.
  10. So many kind friends willing to take me to PT.
  11. My brother is engaged to a really nice woman! Yay love!


read2akid said...

For a minute, I thought "I didn't know Cathy was related to Jeff Holbrook." Silly me! Congrats to him and his bride-to-be!! Glad you can drive again. I'm sure it helps to not feel so confined to your house.

Cat said...

LOL - he does resemble Jeff, doesn't he? Funny on several levels.

Jim Brochowski said...

So happy to hear so many good things.

I have been so impressed by your positive upbeat attitude throughout this entire ice induced journey.

Have to say, I really admire you for this. It's easy to be upbeat when everything is hunky dory, but though I'm sure your mettle may have been tested you have persevered and stayed positive.

Very cool!