Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brace Yourself!

DH took me to the ortho yesterday to pick up my new knee brace. It's metalic purple, and boy, it is a chunk of hardware, or what? It is heavier than i thought it would be, and it sticks out a bit more than I'd prefer, but it has a lot of supporting to do, so I can't judge it too harshly.

Two big black pads go on either side of my knee, and the brace is strapped to my thigh and my calf. The brace will support my knee and keep me from hyperextending or going side-to-side, but it also bends like a normal knee. Isn't it a nice purple color? It's slightly lighter in shade than my car, and darker than my glasses, but I like it. I wouldn't want it to be too "out there" since I have to wear it all the time for . . .well. . . until further notice.

I can change the pads at the knee, and it is fully washable! Wild, huh? Rosie was suspicious of it, no doubt because it smells like medicine . . . or sumpin. LOL

Physical Therapy is going well, but it feels like it's slow progress to me. I have started trying to go as long as possible each day w/o resorting to the wheelchair. Today is day 3 trying! I'll get there, eventually. Tomorrow I get to start my water therapy! yay!

Up Next: decorating the walker!

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Janis said...

If Rosie approves, it must be OK. =)