Monday, April 06, 2009

Physical Therapy, part 2

For a while, I had it really easy. The Therapist came to my house. It was cool, and because I couldn't do much, I didn't have to do much. LOL

Well, I've entered into the next phase. I'm going to a facility, and I'm starting to really do more. This is because my bone is nearly healed. It's still fragile, but it's strong enough to withstand more movement and stuff.

I still don't have permission to drive, though, esp since I need a wheelchair to get around, but I've put out the word and there is a whole wonderful bunch of folks who've offered to help me with rides. This group of "angels" is really a blessing, and to be honest, I will be forever grateful to them all. Sometimes, the timing works out so that I and my friend can do something fun after therapy - tonight I got to go to Starbucks (thanks KB!) and do some KIP! (knitting in public)

So - tonight, I rode a recumbent stationery bike for about 8 minutes - moving my feet VERY slowly just to increase my range of motion. Then my therapist put together a group of 5 new exercises for me to do at home, and we went through each one so that I could learn and practice them under her supervision.

It feels SO good to be out and moving a little! Does it hurt? Yes, it does hurt to push myself, bend my knee, try new exercises . . . but it is a good hurt because I know it's making me stronger and it's going to bring me back to the point where I can walk and drive again. Worth it!

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